Through our collaboration with War Child Holland, hatsup. guarantees that for every purchase, psychological help is provided to one child in a war area. Thanks to the extensive experience and expertise of War Child in the field of psychological assistance, our funds are used in an efficient and effective way.

The effects of war on a child are disastrous. During conflict, many children experience the loss of relatives, a lack of structure and daily activities. Trauma, fear and lack of confidence are rule rather than exception. Anxiety, aggression and other negative emotions often create new conflicts in the future. To help these children build a brighter future, War Child offers comprehensive psychological help. Important aspects include setting up psychosocial programs and creative therapies.

War Child Holland is part of an international network of independent organizations working around the world to help war children. By providing psychological support and by enabling young people to claim their right to quality education, War Child increases their resilience and empowers them to shape their own future.

Our ultimate goal is to provide psychological help to people living in areas of conflict through our own hatsup. foundation. Until this is possible, we will work with reliable partners in order to guarantee that we deliver on our promise: for every hat sold, we help one person in mental distress.