Fair fashion

Fair Fashion. Eco-fashion. Ethical Fashion. Sustainable Fashion. Green Fashion. All terms we are surrounded by these days. At hatsup. we believe that - no matter how it is called - producing fashion with respect to human, animal and planet should be the global standard. Let us explain how we guarantee this.

Our hats are produced in the Netherlands, where strict rules apply regarding working conditions. We visited the manufactory multiple times, in order to be completely certain that the working conditions are indeed ethical. Check out our production video and see for yourself! 

The fabrics for our first hats line are made by an Italian company. The company is part of the world-famous Biella wool district. All their products have a passport allowing the local authorities to track the production process of the fabrics.

Together with our Dutch partner we strive to produce our hats in an environmental friendly way, by reducing emissions and recycling rest materials which are then re-used for the development of other products. 

Our hats are currently manufactured in the Netherlands, as this allows us to guarantee that our hats are produced in a fair way. In the future we aim to develop fair hats by collaborating with manufacturers in developing countries, in order to increase the local employment and to stimulate the local economy. We will however only start doing this when we can guarantee safe working conditions and fair wages.

Although we are well on our way in reaching our goal, it has proven to be very difficult to control every single chain in the fashion industry. We will keep working on this, so that our hats can eventually be produced in a 100% fair way and awareness is raised amongst other links of the production chain as well.  

Watch our video