Food for mental health - How to make a Sushi bowl

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Everyone is familiar with the classic sushi role, with rice and fresh fish. The sushi bowl is a variation on this dish, with next to fresh fish all kinds of vegetables. This makes it a perfect first “Food for mental health” dish. What I love about this dish, is that you can make so many different variations. Here you find our favourite combination. Don’t skip the ingredients with a *, those are real brainegizers.

Cost:                €5 - €7 a person

Time:                25-30 minutes 

Difficulty:          Easy


Sushi bowl ingredients 

Ingredients (2 persons) 

Sushi rice

2 cups - Sushi rice                    

4 table spoon - Rice vinegar                  

1 table spoon - Sugar                          

1 teaspoon - Salt                               


150 grams - Salmon 

½ table spoon - Soy sauce (salt)          

½ table spoon - Soy sauce (sweet)       





Edamame beans (young soybeans) *

Wasabi nuts

Sesame seeds 


Wasabi paste


**All ingredients we use are handpicked with respect for animal and planet.

Sushi bowl preparation - ideally 2-3 hours before serving

Prepare the sushi rice as mentioned on the package. We always love to mix it with a marinade. Cook 4 table spoons rice vinegar with a small spoon sugar and some salt. Mix the sauce with the rice. Make sure you serve the sushi rice cold. While you cook the rice, cut the salmon in dices, add the sweet and salt soy sauce and marinate for at least 2 hours in the fridge. 

Cut the vegetables and put them aside. Almost there! Start making the wasabi yoghurt sauce; get a bowl, add 3 table spoons of yoghurt and add the wasabi paste bit by bit until it’s up to your taste. Toast sesame seeds and you are ready to plate your dish.

Let’s feed your brain

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