Mental health therapy giving hope

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Lucy Wanjiru Njuguna was born in 1973, in Kangemi, her mother passed away two days after her birth. She was brought up by her maternal grandmother who, unfortunately, passed away when she was 16 years old. However, with her extended family’s support, she was able to go on to college and become a receptionist. She later got married but it was when she gave birth to her second child, who suffers from cerebral palsy, when things took a bad turn. According to her husband, “normal people” did not give birth to disabled children, this led to him abandoning her and their two children.

Mental health therapy giving hope

After her husband’s abandonment, Lucy began to experience feelings of hopelessness; she lost all interest in life and contemplated ending her own life. She began missing work frequently and this led to her being fired. Finally, her family decided that she needed help, after she had attempted to commit suicide twice, and admitted her to Nazareth, Mathare Hospital. Later on, a friend recommended that she seek help at Kamili clinic.

How Kamili helped Lucy

Lucy has been a patient at Kamili clinic for 10 years now and receives medication to stabilize her depression as well as counseling. Hers is a story of hope: at 45, she has taken control of her life and owns her own vegetable stall in Kangemi. With the proceeds from her work she has been able to support her son, who is now 19 years old and will be joining college next year. She credits her progress not only to the help she gets from Kamili through your hatsup. purchase, but also, the support that she has got from her family and friends.

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